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Steyr 2030


Steyr 2030 is working: On the future of the city.

Steyr 2030 is open: We are working in an open innovation process. Everybody can join in.

Steyr 2030 is compiling: Ideas, constructive proposals and spins for Steyr.

Steyr 2030 has one aim: We want the city and the region to be innovative, competitive and livable, not only now but in the upcoming 15 years.

Steyr 2030 is specific: We have defined four factual topics to enable better structuring of all ideas, proposals and spins, living environments of the future; technologies of the future, skilled forces of the future and business models of the future (call for ideas).

We propose that these key subjects will determine the presence and future of Steyr.

Independently from these four topics on the platform Steyr 2030, the process as well as the methods can be discussed, co-produced and developed together.